Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies are LIT!

Christmas is a time to “TREE-t” your community to a “TREE-mendous” Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Not only will you create excitement and pride within your city with one of Carpenter Decorating Direct’s Spectacular Commercial Christmas Trees. A Commercial Christmas Tree will also drive traffic to your local Downtown and increase sales during the Holiday Season. That’s because: Christmas Tree Ceremonies are LIT!

Having a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is a great way to build excitement in your city or municipality during the holidays. Promoting your Lighting Ceremony on social media, in local print/radio advertisements, and on your website mean instantaneous publicity for your community.

Creating awareness of your event early will build excitement locally and create a buzz reaching people from outside your city to attend. After the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony has become a tradition in your town; your citizens will be proud to say: our community has the best Christmas Tree I’ve ever seen… “fir” sure.

Here’s a statistic you may find interesting. According to, U.S. Christmas Season – Statistics & Facts | Statista: In 2022, total Holiday Retail Sales were projected to have reached new highs of 942 billion dollars! Also, it has been proven that cities and municipalities with local Commercial Holiday Decor experience a higher percentage of foot traffic. As well as increased sales during the Holidays. Having an AMAZING Commercial Christmas Tree featured in your local Downtown or on Main Street is a guaranteed way to increase revenue in your community this Holiday Season. And for MANY years to come.

Now comes the best part, finding the Perfect Christmas Tree for your city! Carpenter Decorating’s LED Panel Trees are our most popular style

Commercial Christmas Tree. Mainly due to its ability to grow and because it’s maintenance free for the first 3 to 4 years. Available in sizes from 14’ to 110’ (increasable in 4’ increments) our Panel Trees are built so that your tree can grow as your community grows. Meaning you won’t have to replace the entire tree when your community is ready to upgrade. Our Fabulous Panel Christmas Trees are virtually maintenance free (excluding setup, breakdown, and storage) for 3 to 4 years.

Yes, you read that correctly. Commercial LED bulbs will run for an entire 3 or 4 seasons without burning out!

LED bulbs are also more efficient, which means lower electric cost, and they do not get hot. And there is no fluffing or styling of these trees which will save you hours (and sometimes days) of labor. We offer Lighted Tree Toppers, Shatterproof Ornament Packages, and special features like adding 10% Twinkle Lights to create that shimmering effect. The coolest part is that all our trees can be lamped in LEDs or incandescent bulbs AND can be synced to music. Taking your Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony to the next level! Check this out and see how Carpenter Decorating’s Panel Trees make a “fa-la-la-la-lasting” impression.

Carpenter Decorating also carries a Fabulous Branch Panel Christmas Tree for a more realistic look.

Same as our original panel trees, the Branch Panel Trees are available in sizes from 14’ to 110’ (increasable in 4’ increments). Start small and grow your tree with increasable panels available in 4’ increments. The branches are set within the panels of the tree and will require styling. Our Beautiful Branch Panel Trees can be lamped in incandescent or LED bulbs and can be synced to music. The Branch Panel Christmas Tree is also nearly maintenance free when lamped with LEDs. These bulbs will last for seasons! You can also increase the size of your tree by adding a 4’ drum base to ANY panel tree. Looking to create a nostalgic, winter wonderland aesthetic? “Branching” out with a Branch Panel Christmas Tree is a great way to “spruce” things up in your community this Holiday Season.

Make a statement with Carpenter Decorating’s Decorative Trees.

  • 25’ Frasier Fur
  • Natural Garland Tree. Available in two sizes: (12’ x 5’) & (11’ x 4’) comes with a 2’ Star Garland Tree Topper.
  • Sparkle Garland Tree. Available in two sizes: (21’) & (14’). The 21’ comes with the 5’ Star Garland Tree
  • Topper and the 14’ comes with the 2’ Star Garland Tree Topper.
  • Tree of Lights. Available in three sizes: (25’) (21’) & (17’) Topper included.
  • Scroll Tree available in one size: (14’ x 30”) Topper included.

All of Carpenter Decorating’s Commercial Christmas Trees are commercial grade and are for indoor/outdoor

use. They are made with powder coated cold rolled steel, have commercial grade wiring, and are built to last. All our decorations include the hardware necessary to install. And are proudly made in the USA!

That cat is out of “Santa’s” bag! A Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with a tree from Carpenter Decorating is

guaranteed to be LIT. You “snow” the drill. Check out our catalog: View our latest catalogs – Carpenter Decorating Company, Inc. (

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