Carpenter Decorating Company Joins Forces with MK Illumination

May 2013 – Carpenter Decorating Company, the leading manufacturer of outdoor and indoor holiday displays in the U.S., announced today that they will join forces with the European based company, MK ILLUMINATION.

MK ILLUMINATION specializes in lighting, design, and the manufacture of lighted displays with locations in 23 countries.  Carpenter Decorating Company will provide the company’s U.S. based manufacturing facility, located in Conover, North Carolina, to build some of the MK product line.

The goal for the exchange of intellectual property and manufacturing expertise for both companies will be to bring more product offerings to buyers in the U.S.  Although the two holiday display powerhouses have varying design and manufacturing techniques, both companies are looking forward to the exchange.  Carpenter Decorating President and CEO, Rick Carpenter said, “We have found a very experienced ally who knows a great deal about the importance of providing holiday products worldwide and we are looking forward to providing them together.”


Contact: Catherine Bell


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